About Maxwill

Who We Are

Maxwill was established in 1999. It was one of the youngest companies in Singapore to achieve the highest growth rate upon inception. The company has been riding on an impressive growth rate of 30 percent per year over the past years. Since the beginning, we had been specializing in various agricultural commodities such as sugar, rice, oil and fats. We have integrated various components of supply chain operations and provide a one-stop; “hands-free” service to companies with an interest to develop markets not only in Singapore but also both the Asian and Global region.  Maxwill is also an ISO 9001 and HACCP certified company and a member of The Refined Sugar Association in London.

Why Maxwill?

why maxwill

Maxwill has a team of experienced managers and committed workforce with almost two decades of hands-on marketing experiences on consumer food and beverage products.

Proven with an impressive growth rate of 30 percent over the past years, Maxwill had become one of the leaders in its field of agro commodities – mainly sugar, rice and oil produces in Asia. The company has a network of offices and operations, majority importing and exporting countries, spanning not only in Asian but also on the far regions of Africa and Middle East. This reach keeps the company’s operations close to its buyers and sellers, resulting in an unrivalled understanding of the markets dynamics.


With many years of expertise in this field since we started our operations in 1999 we had created a vast network not only in the neighboring regions but also into the further regions.

More Than 20 Agricultural Commodities

With our wide range of products definitely there will be something of your requirement.

Main Markets - From Asia to Global

Reaching out from Asia to Global market makes more diversify of the varieties and range of products that we offer.

Experienced Managers Handling Specific Products

With individual personnel for specific products will give more focus and maximize the potential of the product.

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